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Rumor: Destiny 2 Also Releasing for PC, Will Be an Entirely New Game

Rumor: Destiny 2 Also Releasing for PC, Will Be an Entirely New Game. Bungie’s sequel to Destiny, that is slated to unharness in 2017, is additionally reportedly returning to computer.

NeoGAF user benny_a, World Health Organization allegedly contains a supply at Activision, aforementioned the news a few computer version was unconcealed throughout an indoor presentation at the publisher these days, and went on to notice that Vicarious Visions is additionally serving to out with Destiny a pair of.

This lines up with what Kotaku has reportedly detected from its sources. additionally to a computer version and also the additional facilitate of Vicarious Visions, the outlet has detected that top Moon et al. square measure serving to out on the future sequel, that is planning to want a completely new game.


The leadership at Bungie reportedly needs Destiny a pair of to want a real sequel, albeit which means ranging from scratch and feat all the content from the initial game behind. Kotaku’s sources compared the sequel to the jump Blizzard made up of Diablo to Diablo a pair of. In fact, one supply told the outlet “D2 may be a fully totally different game,” noting that “The Taken King was a boot for Destiny one to repair tiny things,” and Destiny a pair of “is the overhaul to repair huge things.”

The sequel is reported to own a replacement activity model, spoken as “play-in destinations,” which can bring planets that have a lot of densely inhabited locations to explore associated a lot of fascinating quests that may function an improvement over the patrol missions featured within the original game.

Whether or not players are going to be able to carry over their characters from the initial Destiny is reportedly one thing that’s still being selected at Bungie. simply last month, Activision’s Eric Hirshberg offered associate update on the game’s standing, confirming the “majority” of Bungie’s development employees is targeted strictly on Destiny a pair of.

Those gamers nevertheless grumbling for destiny’s failure to attain the pc could be possibly delighted to hear that latest rumors suggest how its sequel destiny 2 will subsequently find its manner into the platform.

In keeping with a source privy to the affair, an internal verbal exchange confirming the computer version of the primary character shooter is now circulating within activision, the sport’s publisher. it changed into purportedly within the shape of a presentation. this records has been published inside the neogaf discussion board, which has considering that been updated to encompass that future 2 will possibly come as a completely new sport.

“I assume d2 to feel greater like a brand new game than a continuation of d1,” the update published by means of a user referred to as jschreier stated. “what i heard is that the cause it changed into rebooted in advance this yr (and is now helmed via gaf poster luke smith) is due to the fact the unique model felt too much like a ramification.”

Of direction, you can say that one source is a hardly ever credible one. that may be genuine however what if there are other resources that corroborate the story?

Enter kotaku. the website, appearing on the facts that emerged from neogaf, said that it had received the same data not from one however from numerous assets. the “new recreation” narrative additionally got a boost as kotaku mentioned that it will likely be undertaken even on the cost of vintage characters, locations and sports.

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