Q: Can I jailbreak it with OFW ?
Yes, You can jailbreak it with any OFW version whenever 4.70 or 4.75 OFW to 4.81 CFW without downgrade. After jailbroken successfully, do NOT update your PS3 from Sony.

Q: Do I need to downgrade my PS3 for this jailbreak?
A: No, no need to downgrade or any hardware. You can direct install jailbreak on PS3 console with any OFW (Recommend 4.70 above version).

Q: I have install multiMAN but game does not work.
If game is not working properly. Uninstall game from Utility and reinstall game. Hope it will work.

Q: Can I Jailbreak PS3 Slim or Super Slim?
Of course, Yes. With this proof video, We were doing on PS3 Super Slim and our model number is 4001C as you see on video.

Q: My PS3 says “No data found”. What can I do ?
Mostly users are failed to do that because they do not format with FAT32 system. PS3 support only FAT32 but not NTFS.

Q: After this jailbroken, can I play game online ?
Yes, You can play game online. PSNPATCH has already modified and automatically patch to your console.

Q: Is PSN account safe to us while I go on online?
A: Yes, We promise that it is 100% safe to use.

Q: How to download PS3 games ?
You can download PS3 games from this website Click Here

Q: My question is not here 🙁
No Problem, you can ask the question. Please contact us.